The Expressive Teacher Workshop

When “doing art,” something happens that is both inexplicable and touches upon both the inner and outer worlds of the person involved in the act of art making. As the demands of institutions increase and expectations for performance grow, teachers have less time for reflection, inner work, and creative exploration. An evolution and continuation of my doctoral research that explored the benefits and changes that occurred for teachers who experienced arts-based professional development, this workshop provides a chance to explore the rich inner world of the teacher. Activities move teachers through a variety of arts-based activities that allow opportunities for experiencing, expressing and reflecting. As professional development these workshops are dedicated to providing experiential practices and resources for teachers that inspires spiritual awareness, personal growth and creativity that supports and feeds both the inner and outer lives of teachers.

Workshop formats: 1, 2 or 3 days in length, or custom designed for a particular event.

Teachers’ Comments:

“In addition to helping my students, I wanted to attend this workshop to help myself….I, like many women of my generation, too often put myself last on the list of things to take care of.”

“I gained a renewed sense of the importance of the arts to my and everyone else’s emotional and physical well-being. I say renewed, because the workshop reminded me of how as a young person I spent so much more time using the arts to express myself.”

“ All of the experiences that were planned seem to build one upon another. Each informed the next.”

“When I think about the seminar, I can immediately go back to that sense of fulfillment.”

“It’s unusual that I associate a place or event with a feeling, but I cannot think about that workshop without immediately experiencing the sense of peace, joy, and artistic fulfillment that we enjoyed that week.”

“On a personal level, the workshop opened me up in a way that I had not been in a long time. It changed the way that I look at myself and the way that I look at my life on a professional level.”