The Expressive Classroom

After having experienced the benefits of the arts, for personal expression, discovery, and creative awakening, teachers were motivated and inspired to provide similar opportunities for the students in their classrooms. All disciplines require creativity and creative thinking. Several teachers began to utilize and integrate the arts into the curriculum, whether they were art or music teachers using inter-disciplinary curriculum design or non-art teachers using the arts to reinforce or strengthen learning within their content area. This page is a forum for sharing best practices and examples from teachers working in K-12 classrooms. Please send me your story and photos.

Teachers share why they encourage creative expression in the classroom:

“I want kids to identify what’s inside them; art is inside everyone.”

“Empowerment through the arts would be a way for me to bridge the arts with other disciplines.”

“Creativity needs to be nurtured in all disciplines.”

“I am trying to do more artwork in my classroom. I am giving students more opportunities to do art in my room as part of my social studies class. I also have used art as a way to allow them to reflect”